San Francisco, Tallinn, Sydney, and Istanbul. Cineshort was born global from day one and will grow globally!

What are you doing in your short moments?

Scrolling on social media, listening to the same song for the 132nd time, or play another episode of the game you memorized already?

We have a better offer for your short time. Why don’t you discover films? If you have 10 minutes, we can suggest a great 8-minute film.

Cineshort is not just a video-on-demand platform. Cineshort is a Community. Our community aims to create value interactively and bring you and the filmmaker together!

Cineshort is a platform where those who are different, those who seek the different, those who love to think, those who love life, those who seek another perspective, those who do not go the way everyone goes. Cineshort is young, energetic, open to learning, always telling interesting stories, enjoyable at every moment, colorful and sensitive platform.

Cineshort is both easy and fun to discover, surprising and unexpected, an unusual platform

A platform that can fit in time which is a Cineshort, while others play for a long time

Cineshort is a platform that shows what is not what you want to see, shows what you always see differently, shares the same subject from completely different angles, and where everyone can make their voices heard.

Cineshort is both easy and fun to discover, surprising and unexpected, an unusual platform!

We bring you great films effortlessly, quickly, and in line with the flow of life. Now join aboard! Discover and watch great films, enjoy your short moments.

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