Please don’t hesitate to meet us! We are not just two “traders” who have business relationships. We are a travel companion. A companion to support you in your career. We are a platform that offers great movies, you can reach more people and earn more money. So you can make better films with better quality.

You worked hard and created your films. Now it’s time to announce this to the world.


What exactly is Cineshort?

While we were, as a group of friends, making short films, we didn’t know where to show them. After all, we had made a movie, and we had wanted it to be shown everywhere. People could not find films that they can watch in their short times.


So we thought, why should we wait? We bring together a team that includes software developers, lawyers, film critics, marketing experts, and Investors.


My films are published elsewhere, is it okay?

Yes, it is OK. We don’t have a problem with the film being feature on another site. However, if you choose to give your films only us, it will increase the income you will get from Cineshort. Because we want to be a selective-special platform for our audience.


I’ll still be the owner copyright of the film, right?

Definitely, Right. We are asking for your permission to publish your film.


Can I meet the Cineshort Team?

24/7, our team is looking forward to meeting you.


How are the payments system works?

We have a fair and transparent revenue sharing model. Our revenue sharing accounts are determined by algorithms. (We have clearly specified the criteria in the application form) If your application is accepted, we will ask for your bank details to pay and we will pay at the beginning of each month.


I want to take part in your team, what should I do?

We work with people who share the same vision and passion.

Cineshort hires and employs its employees according to their abilities. It employs, promotes, develops and pays regardless of age, gender, disability, marital status, race, color, national origin, sexual or religious orientation, or other classes and status protected by law. We share the open positions on our LinkedIn Account


Is there a date for film submissions?

Nope. You can apply whenever you want. For example… Now! Come on join us.

More Question? We'd love to hear from you.

24/7 You can write